We created Ann London Creative to support people —people who want to change the world, people who run small businesses, marketing departments and social enterprises, who truly care and who are Change Agents in their communities.

So, what can I do for your business?

In short, I help you connect with the people you serve. We do this through caring, connecting, and communicating. I call it the three essential “C’s” of business, like your Vitamin C.

By caring, we see your clients and customers as real people with real needs that only you can solve. We connect with them to truly help them through various channels of communication. (Some people call this marketing) In so doing, we increase your visibility, drive engagement, and boost conversion rates so you can build your business.

We begin by (a) helping you define your ideal customer and then (b) helping your ideal customer find you— online, offline, or wherever you may be hiding—

Through caring and communication, we engage them with your awesome business.

I’m also a super organized person, so I can help you organize and stay on track so you gain more time.

Just some of the things I can do to help increase your visibility, engagement, and conversion rates include the following:


    • Defining what you care about most
    • Defining what your customers and clients care about most
    • Defining how you can help them best


    • Finding the points of connection with your customers and clients
    • online and offline


    • create amazing blog and website copy
    • write white papers and e-books
    • write and manage e-mails and newsletters
    • handle digital marketing functions such as lead magnets, sales funnels and branding

Let’s get started today. I would love to meet you to learn more about your business goals and dreams. Book a consultation.

About our founder:

Leita is an award-winning writer, customer service All-star, administrative consultant and long-time business owner. Since 1991, Leita has owned several businesses, the first, which commenced in Seattle as a communications firm with an office at the historic terminal building at Boeing Field. Among other jobs, Leita has worked as a reporter, a high-tech marketing director, and as a manager at Nordstrom‑before serving briefly in the US Air Force, where bland green was the new black, and she had to downplay her glamor tendencies. Leita also studied method acting for five years, which helped her to overcome her shyness, and prompted her to learn the art of laughing her guts out at improvisational skits. She once got to fly in a P-51 Mustang, travelling at 300 mph over the Mohave Desert, where she asked the pilot to perform every aerobatic move on the list.

Leita Crossfield, founder and owner of Ann London Creative, is an award-winning writer and marketer who has twenty-five years sales/PR/ marketing experience that includes launching multiple businesses. Since 1991, she has worked with companies like Bucher Aerospace, Prime Pacific Bank, Glacier Northwest, Puget Sound Trucklines and others to help them create marketing strategies and promotions; from concept to finished piece; to solve problems, increase exposure and increase sales.

Crossfield launched her first firm in Seattle at the age of 25 from a small corner office in the terminal building at Boeing Field.

“A plethora of new ideas, an asset to her community, Crossfield lives her life with determination and zeal and is an innovative thinker, craftsman of words, with an honest desire to change our world.” In addition to running her own communications company Crossfield volunteers within her community.

Crossfield has served on the board of the Arts Council of Snohomish County, attends chamber of commerce meetings and has been called upon by the Superior Court Judges of Snohomish County to make speeches to jurors. She balances all this while raising her son and supporting the many other people who depend on her.

A naturally gifted writer, Crossfield has worked as a writer for the Everett Herald and started out working at the Yakima Herald Republic, a daily newspaper in Yakima Washington. Her appetite for adventure unappeased, Crossfield joined the United States Air Force hoping to fly jets. From there she went on to start her own public relations and communications business in Seattle, Washington.

In Seattle, Crossfield pioneered the Industrial Strength Advertising program for clients in heavy industry which resulted in costs savings for clients, and her firm being featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal and other media. She has won awards for her efforts, including a Washington Press Association Award among others.

On the high-tech side, Crossfield launched the marketing/PR department for a growing software development firm focused on the wireless automated data capture industry (bar-coding) where she developed the marketing plan and strategy; created the overall look and design of all marketing pieces; produced a direct mail campaign targeted toward strategic business partners which garnered a 13% response rate; plus established budgets and schedules for all advertising, PR, trade show, and marketing functions.

In 2000, through a program she created called Sales Catalyst Coaching, Crossfield worked with Trans America Auto Glass, a division of Speedy Auto Glass, to revamp their sales process and re-invent their proposals, presentations and marketing pieces.

Other examples of her work include: an industry review for a national wire manufacturer which resulted in the firm being featured in local and national media when it received its ISO 9000 certification; and a PR strategy which resulted in a local clothing manufacturer being featured on King 5 Evening Magazine and in key national media.

Early in her career, Crossfield was as an award-winning manager at Nordstrom where she received the company’s highest honor, Customer Service All-Star and numerous awards for exceeding sales goals and for creating innovative promotions. Her experience also includes work for a daily newspaper, first in the newsroom and then in the advertising department where she headed up the national advertising. Crossfield has served as the volunteer Public Relations Director for the Downtown Everett Action Committee, as well as PR director for Fresh Paint Arts Festival, and public relations for the 4th of July committee.

Through her involvement with DEAC, she created a downtown restaurant guide to assist the Snohomish County Superior Court with its Juror Appreciation program. She expanded this guide to become a Downtown Everett Restaurant and Entertainment Guide.

Crossfield has been an active community volunteer for more than twenty years, beginning in high school where she served as editor of her high school newspaper, was Miss Selah, an ambassador for the Apple Juice Capital of the World, and then served as the volunteer royalty coordinator for several years when her year as Miss Selah ended. She has also volunteered for the Allied Arts Council where she assisted with communications projects, as well as the Children s Hospital Light Up a Child’s Life Auction in Seattle.

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