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First things first

Let’s get your business started! It makes sense that your first step for building an online business is to set up a website. There are many ways to do this, from using one of the many free website builders to hiring a professional website designer. For getting started, I recommend affordable options because I have always bootstrapped my businesses. I start with affordable options and then, as I make money, I put funds back into improving some of the systems of my business. Businesses are essentially built on systems, and a website and the many tools that are available today all help you build amazing systems that can automate your business and help you to serve your customers and build your business.

Over the years, I have used various website platforms, from the predecessor to to, but the platform or tool I love most is WordPress with it’s amazing number of “themes” and plug-ins which allow you to build and optimize an amazing site. This site right here was built with WordPress.  I also have websites at, (go to this site for examples of sites I have built with which I often use when I want to build prototypes. Both and WordPress offer many “plug-ins” or apps which allow you to customize your website affordably.

To get started, check out the link below



  1. Great post on how to build a website easily!
    A lot of newbie online marketers believe that it is expensive and difficult to build their own beautiful website, but as you point out, with WordPress and the Site-Rubix website builder, it is actually very easy and inexpensive.
    Site-Rubix even has a free option, which is great when funds are tight.
    I have used this tool to build my own websites and it is a really easy process… and they look great too! 🙂

    1. Thanks, John, You are right, and I should talk a bit more about how much I love WordPress and the Site-Rubix website builder, and the free option. I started with that so that I could learn how the WordPress themes and plug-ins worked. What other tools have you found to be effective in building your websites?

  2. Yeah, I have been getting into website creation and design lately, but I don’t know hardly any “coding languages” so sticking to platforms like WordPress is an absolute must for me!

    I love how easy it is to select themes within a WordPress site, add or remove different plugins, and also customize the look and feel of the entire site. And I 100% agree with your philosophy of starting out really cheap and then putting more money into as you make some. No need to spend thousands of dollars just to try out a new site!

    Your particular website has a really nice look to it and it is easy to navigate. How long have you been creating and designing your own sites for?

    1. Hey, Nick, Thanks for looking at my site. I’ve been working with WordPress for about six months. Before that I’ve built other sites, and had a marketing agency in Seattle for about 20 years, where I typically hired a designer. But I love WordPress and I took a break so I’m jumping back into this online business with a portfolio of different sites, which I’ve launched through WA. I love WA too. My other sites are and

      Thanks again,


  3. I have a website with Wix that I have left sitting for a long time because it’s not getting a lot of traffic as I hoped. After experimenting with WordPress, I feel that this platform is better for my blog going forward. However, I would like to move my Wix content to WordPress. Do you know if this could work?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Cathy, I have a Wix site too, that I think would be good to transfer. I will check into that and get back to you. For one of my other sites, I downloaded the pages and then entered the text into my WordPress site. But it would be a lot easier if there was an export/import feature. I love WordPress too and think it’s just so much better.

  4. I love WordPress too. I know that if you’re doing things right you can get your posts rank high in the search engines which is the number one way you can get visitors.

    You mentioned plugins. And the plugin you need in WordPress to enable you to rank like that is either the All-in One SEO plugin or Yoast. Both are just as good.

    As for Wix, I never tried it personally. So I don’t know how it can perform in the search engines if any of their plugins can help. What is your experience with it?

  5. Hi, Leita!

    Thanks for the help with easily building a website. This is something I’ve had struggles with as a newbie affiliate marketer.

    I too, have come across various website builders, and also heard many great things about WordPress, but just didn’t which method would be the most benefit to me.

    Thanks ever so much for the free SiteRubix recommendation.


    1. thanks for taking the time to look at my website. I love WordPress and the Siterubix platform

  6. Hello and thanks for sharing, It is so good to know that website building is so easy. Gone are the days when you had to spend so much money to get a website build. You can now build a website for little to nothing from your own home. WordPress is a program that makes this all possible and the good part is that anyone can do it. I know that your reviewers will love what you are sharing.

    1. Thanks, Norman. What is your favorite thing about WordPress? How long have you been using it? I really like it. And you are right, you can build a beautiful website for very little investment. I love the plug-ins too. Thanks for looking at my site.

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