Digital marketing relief for creative entrepreneurs

Welcome to Ann London Creative. I’m Leita Annette‑‑writer, content creator, creative analytical and virtual assistant who loves to tackle digital marketing and SEO. I love to write, develop creative solutions, and build WordPress websites while also researching keywords and handling SEO.

In short, I love to see small business owners drive traffic to their websites so they get customers and grow their businesses. That way, you can focus on those things you love while ending the overwhelm of marketing. And I’ve been doing this for a long time, since 1991. I know, I hate to date myself, but I think you can see that I have a passion for this work that drives me to continuously update my skills. And man on man is it a wild world out here now in digital marketing land. The landscape changes about every six months, which is perfect for a curiosity driven, life-long learner like me.

So, what can I do for your business? I can help you organize and take the headache out of the following tasks: blog and website copy, white papers and e-books, e-mails and newsletters as well as digital marketing functions such as lead magnets, sales funnels and branding.

I created Ann London Creative to support people who want to change the world, small non-profits, marketing departments and social entrepreneurs who are Change Agents in their communities.

I believe in conversation, collaboration and connection, so let’s work together to change the world.