Since coming home to WordPress, I’ve been learning call I can.

Ann London Creative

The site you are visiting right now uses the premium theme, Customizr Pro. I am still tweaking this site, modifying images, colors, layout and more.

Feed Your Creative Elephant

This is my baby, my labor of love. I have so many ideas for this site. I keep playing around, changing things, but then have to wander off to my other work, so it’s a work in progress that I hope will soon help a lot of others.


I’m always tinkering, building websites

Here are links to a few of the projects I’ve created over the years.

My early journey building websites was on various platforms, including Frontpage, GoLive,, Wix and a few others I can’t recall.


I have a vision for helping communities collaborate by match-making projects, people and resources.

Leita’s Mountain Cabin

Before I sold my home, I was listing it on AirBnB

Ann London 2

One my my writing websites.

Wreck This Newspaper

I wanted to help a local newspaper innovate in an industry that is struggling due to the move to online sources.

Leita Crossfield


A little site I started to build to showcase my writing skills. It’s too complicated so I don’t use it much.


Ann London Creative

Harmon Burbank