You can jump in with these four steps:

  • Step #1

    Whether you have a website already, or are thinking of launching one, I suggest reading this step by step tutorial by Neil Patel, on how to get started.

    Start a website

  • Step #2

    I also highly recommend Neil’s training seminar, which you can view on his website at
    The training is packed with important information that will get your brain churning with ideas on marketing your business in this wild world we live in. Once you have watched the seminar, call me so we can discuss ways to implement his awesome ideas.

  • Step #3

    These days, every business needs a blog to communicate with customers, to drive traffic to your website, and to improve your websites search engine rankings, known as SEO, and more.  There are many resources to help you learn blogging and to understand how important it is to your business.